Inculcating Fine Arts Training Among Children

In today’s time, all the parents want their children to learn some fine arts.

But Now the issue is that As soon as the class time starts, children start to give excuses, Mummy I am having a stomachache today.. Mother, there is too much homework today, Father today, we had to do too much exercise in PTC, hence, I am having leg pain. Here it is the responsibility of the parents to figure out if it is just an excuse or there is genuine reason.

Today’s topic I want to tell you a short story of my own. As you know, I am a classical dancer too, I have learned Kathak, Bharatanatyam and Oddisi these three dance styles. I started learning the dance at the age when children stop learning fine arts. When I was in 11th std., science background I started learning Bharatanatyam, Learned Kathak while doing B.Sc. and learned Odissi while doing PhD in Psychology. I also used to give excuses that time, like Mummy, today there were a lot of practical sessions, I am having leg pain but my parents did not support these excuses, they used to say that if you are learning a dance, then you are bound to have leg pain, do not give such excuses.

So my request to parents is when your child learns any fine art, then it is important that you have to be strong, because it’s natural that children will give excuses. You have to be strong there and figure out that the excuses, children are giving are just excuses or is there any genuine reason. Today parents have a low amount of patience, it results in a situation where the child gives an excuse and the parents listen to it once or twice, then the parents say, if you don’t want to learn (fine art), then don’t do it, it is your choice. But it is wrong, don’t do this. If the child is learning an activity and he is good at that, then motivate him, figure out the excuses that children are giving or figure out he is telling the truth or lying.

.So today’s topic is that It is good, if you want your children to learn fine art and children give excuses then find out why they are giving excuses.

I have learned one thing in my career is that there are three important things: liking, passion and interest. But I think that hard work is more important. If you do not work hard, then you will not get positive results for any activity.

So this was the topic for today, It is a very good thing that you children are doing lots of activities or tasks. Be focused on that activity, and figure out if you are really interested in that activity or not. I advise parents, if children are well at the activity but are giving excuses frequently, find out the reason behind the same.

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