Tips On Basic Manners For Kids

Well, today’s talk is specially for children, So we request you parents that this video you must share with your children.Today we will learn some five important tips on manners.

Number 1, this is specially for children. Whenever you wake up in the morning, say thank you to GOD and your Parents for giving you such a beautiful life.

Number 2, whenever you meet outside any guest, elderly people or any of your friends, or some guests come to your house, please greet them. Say good evening, hello to them and with a smile My father has taught me one thing: The Cheapest and Best Thing is that You Can Give To Others Is Your smile.So if some guest is coming to your house or you meet someone outside, greet them with your smile.

Tip number 3, check your school bag before going to bed in the night. You are going to school on the next day.What all things are there in the bag, whether all books, pencil box are therein. You should do this on your own and make a habit of it.

If we do this yourself, this will be one kind of help to our mother. It is thank you note to her, that it is our responsibility and we will be implementing them.So, at night, check your bag, uniform which you are going to wear the next day, if it is proper.

Next tip, next day when you return from the school, make a habit to keep all your things like bags, uniforms etc. in place.Many children make a small mistake that they do not take out tiffin from the school bag. It should be taken out and put in the kitchen or sink.All these simple things, you should be able to do on your own.In your play time or any free, if you are doing any activity, like drawing, painting or fine art etc. keep in the mind that all material taken should be kept in place again,it should not lie as it is.

All these small tips, if you follow them, will be very helpful in your life.The list too long but I am keeping it very short and share only 5 tips on manners today.The last but not the least, is that after having your meal put the plates from dining table and place them in kitchen.Well, kids all these small tips will be helpful in your life and I insist you to start following them right now.

Important message for you parents that make sure your children start implementing these tips.Many parents have the misconception that our child is too small to follow them.All these tips, I shared today with you, 5 years old child can also follow.

So little kids, this video is specially for you. I am very sure, as you are very active on laptop, mobile, if you have any doubt or want to discuss anything with me, then share with me.Parents please share this video with kids. And last but not least, I understand, currently schools are closed due to lockdown, these tips cannot be implemented, But whenever, schools will resume, do watch this video and start to follow the tips.

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