Useful Tips In Our Routine Life

The five important civic senses, which we all experience in our day to day life, but don’t try to follow or improve them.

The first tip we will discuss is that, most of the time I have seen, I’ve experienced, whenever children walk on the road with their parents, then parents should be between the traffic and the child, not the child should be walking on the traffic side. This should be avoided. Parents, mothers or grandparents whenever you go on the road with your children, then place the baby on the side opposite to traffic and walk yourself in the middle, not the child walking by the traffic side.

Second important tip is that When we stop at the traffic signal, before the green signal is started, people start to blow the horn, which should not be done, as it results in a lot of noise pollution. It also displays your patience level. Be patient, be calm. Traffic will move slowly, But we all should avoid honking.

Third important thing is that whenever we enter society, we all, especially children, young boys, behave in a very bad manner with watchmen. I understand they ask lots of queries, questions making us irritate sometimes. But they are doing their job, we should support them and answer their questions.

Fourth important thing, When we come home after doing the work, especially at night and we enter society, then we should turn off the headlight of our car for a few seconds, So that its glare is pointed on our watchman’s eyes. It’s my request that we all should follow this.

Last and most important which I feel is that people take off their shoes outside the house but leave them randomly or haphazardly. So, I request you all, do not keep shoes randomly outside your house, keep it systematic, so that your home and its entrance will look good.

So, these are the five important tips I thought I should share with you and I really feel that after listening to this, many people will think over them and try to improve them.

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