kids have shown positive approach

Well today’s talk is specially for kids. We request and advise you all parents that you should show this talk, conversation, video to every kid.Well, in COVID 19 times, we discussed two topics, what we learnt from COVID 19 and what COVID 19 taught us.Well, this talk is for today’s children. Being a counsellor, being a psychologist I get many calls that the children lack concentration power, patience etc.But, As a counsellor, we can say that this statement is totally wrong because children have proved that they possess more patience, understanding and maturity than us.So, one of the topics we segregated, what we

learnt from COVID 19, so today’s children learnt maturity, understanding and most important patience, from COVID 19.Today we can see all the playgrounds, parks are closed and children are aware of it.They are so mature, understanding and having patience, they know that in this situation we should not go outside, we should play and do the activities at home only.So parents, we should understand that our children have revealed high level of patience and understanding. Second topic of talk, we segregated is what COVID 19 taught us.Well, There were the days when my friends, who were staying abroad, used to say..that their children study and do homework in laptops only, they don’t even need to write anything.But, I feel so good and proud of the fact that now every child in India knows how to use laptop.Today, everyone of them knows how to copy and paste the files, how to convert them in PDF format.So, COVID 19 taught us about online classes.

Now every child is aware of what online classes are, what zoom, google classes are, all these things.. and credit goes to children for showing immense understanding, immense adaptation, confidence and most important thing, patience.They are doing their activities and all things indoor only, which we all parents should learn from them.Still, in such situation, people are not realizing that if step out in these COVID 19 days, we are not safe.So as a counsellor, as a psychologist, I really feel proud of our children for their immense patience.

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