A mother is a silent counsellor for a children

Nowadays, kids do not listen to us. They answers to all questions and asks counter questions.Well!! When parents ask me this question, I ask them who is mother, you or your kid? Well, if you remember, I mentioned in my first talk that parents often say that what we are doing for our kids is our responsibility and do not expect them to take care of us or not. Same way I request, rather advise all you parent, specially mothers, that do not speak this statement in front of children.Mothers, unknowingly while speaking on phone with Friends, talking to other moms in park, discuss this topic only,now a days, children do not listen to us,they have answers to all questions, asks counter questions etc. This is absolutely wrong.If you continuously speak this statement, while upbringing your kids, in front of them, it will result in their mindset that, it will fit in their unconscious or preconscious mind that,Wow, we can do anything and our mother won’t have any problem with that,because she has accepted that we can ask counter questions, we can debate with them and we can do anything whatever we want.

This is wrong. Mothers, please stop using such statements in front of your children.

It’s fine that children asks counters, we should think over it and come to a solution for the same, and then answer their questions.But, please stop using such statements in front of children continuously.I agree that mothers have to play many roles for their children, sometimes she is a mother,And, in today’s time, she should be friend of her child but how to counter or balance these roles, she should learn it herself.She should decide when She should teach them discipline and when she should continue a friendly relationship. I strongly suggest to all you mothers, if you are speaking such statements, unknowingly or mistakenly,please avoid this.Because, It will impact a lot on mind and upbringing of the children.And, I have been observing in my classes, counselling sessions that 90% of mothers speak such statement in front of their children.

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