All of us are taught in our upbringing that you are free to express, you’re free to express your emotions, your likes, your dislikes, your thought process, your aims, your ambitions, your desires, everything.

But, right now, in the present situation we have been told that we must be in isolation.

I thought a lot and I tried, if we could connect or relate this scenario/situation to any other situation or Try to find out, if the stress we are undergoing now, had we experienced such a situation earlier in our life or at some time that We are more stressed? And I feel it is before freedom, when our country was under British Rule.

Just imagine once, how much stress people were undergoing that time. But in today’s time, we are all in our houses, With our loved ones, we have all the facilities like fan, tv and most important mobile. Those who are not with their loved ones or living alone are also having mobile. So, we have everything, yet we are undergoing more stress day by day. Every day, we are waiting for the government to announce that lockdown is over and you are free to step out.

Please think of, once, just once, intensity of stress at that time (before independence) and intensity of stress in present days. and (If compared) the stress today’s time is nothing but we are increasing our stress and thereby Blood Pressure, a stress hormone called cortisol that is also increasing, So please don’t do this.

So, I advise, suggest and request to all you that please pay more attention to your health. Wake up early in the morning, do meditation, start your day with a positive energy. Yes, This present situation is unexpected. No one of us had imagined that we would have to face such a situation, But now if it is there, then we have to take it Positively and give the most importance to our health.

There is one thing for sure, one this lockdown is over, then we all will have to do a lot of work, for ourselves, for the people, for this country.

My request to all of you is to pay attention to your health, do not take it Negatively, take it Positively. Yes, our media is doing a great job making us aware about what is going on in life, what is going on in the world. Do not get too stressed, do not let your stress hormone secretion increase, when you listen to the news. Take it as an awareness, take it Positively to see what is going on in the world. It is not necessary to know why this is happening and How it will end.

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