Advantage family; Corona Crisis

Today’s topic is corona not at all. Well our media is doing a great job, providing us all the information, keeping us updated, telling what we should do from morning till night. So, I thought a lot and I felt that today we should choose such a topic that people should listen to and try to understand it.

In today’s time, we are so much isolated because no school, no colleges, no mall, nothing is open. I thought very much on this, how we should take it positively and I have come out with a positive approach, it is “Time”. Today, we all have a lot of time. In the second talk, I said that, we do not have any time at all and we always keep saying the same thing to all, however, today God has brought such an incident that nowadays we have a lot of time. So, we should take this time in Positive manner. We should utilize this time and How to utilize it. First of all pay attention to your health. Today’s generation, youth do not take care of their health. Give time to your family members. I completely agree that today, Mothers have to do a lot of work, hence, we should help them. Most of our relationships get destroyed because we cannot give time to them, give time to family members, relationships. So, we should do all these things.

Most important thing that I feel, as of today, we have time we can give Importance to our aspirations, Dreams. I want share one example of mine, I have written a book on stress management & dance and the second book is in progress, I also used to give the same excuse that I have no time, but today because of this corona situation, we are being isolated from all other the things we all ample have time. We all are at home now, so give time to home, to aspirations and dreams. And I promise, by this December, I will definitely release my second book. I hope you will like this small talk and a positive approach, I derived from this corona situation. I studied how to take this situation positively and shared with you.

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