Routine In Our Live

The first topic, we have selected today is electronic gadgets. We all know that today’s youth, youngsters are more comfortable with these electronic gadgets. But here comes the issue and the problem is that our parents or grandparents, they ask us the question, son, what are these electronic gadgets, what is this Facebook, Instagram tell me.

Then our youngsters have only two replies.

Number one, mom/dad/grandmother/grandfather, I don’t have time now and the second one is you don’t even know this. Well this is our request to today’s children, youngsters, that you should not give such reply. Because, if we remember or recollect our past, old memories, of course, we cannot recollect too old memories of the past but if we try to understand, we must have asked such type of questions in our childhood and if our parents also would have replied the same way that time then we would not have been what we are today.

So, our request to today’s children, youngsters, youth or generations that its fine, I understand today’s time and life is very fast, running on the fast track. So, our request to today’s children is that you can fix one time slot with your parents/grandparents which is comfortable to them and you as well. There you can answer their questions or solve their queries. Because in our childhood, they had given answers to all our queries, questions and curiosities, and now if our parents want to know about Facebook or Instagram and how to send email, then we should explain them.

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