Togetherness Of The Family

Wow! That’s what we are lacking nowadays. Well, there is a small tip or solution as you may think of this,which is – If we all family members decide to have dinner together then that would be great.

Parents and children can utilize this time for spending quality time with each other.And if you have grandparents, they can join in too. Share food, share thoughts. Share your experiences throughout the day.What you have learned, what mistakes you did, and what you achieved, what you have enjoyed. You can share all of that with each other.Because it’s very important…

Nowadays, we use a very important term we all use is – “ME Time”.People just say, ME time, WE time.. But where is FAMILY time? I request all of you – take out a specified time, come together as a family,have food together, have conversations, share thoughts, opinions, and experiences and most importantly, during that time, please keep your mobile phones switched off. Spend time with family rather than spending it on Facebook on Instagram. For people who go to work for long hours,a quick morning walk could work great as well.Spend time with each other and share your life experiences with each other. It’s very important because, with all technological advancements, we are shying away emotions and getting involved in electronic gadgets more and more.

Hence, we should cut on that, It will be great if we spend more time with family, have meals together, have conversations, share thoughts.It will be really great.

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