Learning Is An Endless Process

I am totally perfect, there is no problem In me, It’s you, who is having all the problems. As I am perfect, If you adjust yourself, then it’s fine. You have to do all the compromise and adjustments.

Wow, we all speak these dialogues as long as we are independent, we are individualized, we are married but when we become parents, we should not use these dialogues. We all know that we all have some plus or minus points because no one is perfect.

So, in today’s topic I want to say, when you become a parent, a lot of habits you need to improve on, both mother and father because the same thing children learn from you.

(Father:) Son why do you put these notebooks here on the table, (Son:) Dad, Mother also does the same, she also puts the laptop on table after her work, (mother:) son, why have you put your shoes here, (son:) Mom, dad also put the shoe haphazardly so why don’t you ask the same question to dad also.

This kind of things are happening so much these days, as I come to know in my counseling or dance sessions. So, it’s my request and advice to all you parents. If we want to make our children disciplined, a good citizen, then we need to improve on all these things and habits.

As long as we are single, we have not yet become parents, then it’s ok to have this habit. But if we are parents now, father or mother, then it is very important to improve on these habits.

The second thing I’ve seen frequently is that “Talk”, how you talk to parents. The way you talk to your parents, the child will also learn the same, he will repeat the same. If I can speak well to my mother and father, then my children will also talk very well to their grandparents, politely and Respectfully. But nowadays I am seeing that today’s children, youth, Youngsters, as they are undergoing a lot of stress, work pressure, thereby get irritated, then they talk to their parents in a very bad manner.

So my request and suggestion and.. advise is that If you talk well with your parents, then your children will follow the same and they will also talk to their grandparents respectfully.

So, today’s topic was that you should improve yourself. Learning will never stop. It is an endless process. Learning should always keep going. So always keep your mind positive. Keep giving instructions to your mind that we should always keep learning.

If we think that I am perfect, there is no need to improve myself, then we will never be able to move forward in life.

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